TOP BRAKE- Shimano Deore M525 M575 T615 Tektro Trp Spyre Ceramic compound MTB Disc Brake Pad BD01-P


Performance Version

– Ceramic compound / Non asbestos
– This pad set includes one pair of disc brake pads and a high quality spring
– Made in Taiwan

Compatible Models

Decode-R, DSK-909, eCapsule, F1, Lucid, Solve, Solve-ST

Disc Brake

Acera M3050
Alivio M4050, BR-MT200
Deore BR-MT200, MT410, M315, M365, M375, M395, M415, M416, M416A, M445, M446, M447, M465, M475, M485, M486, M495, M505, M506, M515, M515LA, M525, M575, T615
Deore LX BR-T6753
Nexave C501, C601, C607, Deore Winzip-ce
Tourney BR-TX805
BR-M355, M396, M575, MT400, MT500, UR300

Aquila MD-M500
Aries MD-M300
Auriga HD-M290, HD-M291, HD-T520, HD-T530, HD-T525, HD-E530, HD-E525, HD-E520, HD-E500
Dorado HD-E715
Draco2 HD-M352
Gemini HD-M500, HD-M501, HD-M510, HD-M530
Gemini SL HD-M520, HD-M521, HD-M535
Junior HD-M282
Mira MD-C400, MD-C510
Orion HD-M725, HD-M730
Orion 4+2P HD-M735 (2 Piston Rear)
Orion SL HD-M740
Vela HD-T290
Volans HD-T710
HDC330 HD-M330

Dash Sport
HY/RD Post Mount
Hylex Post Mount, Hylex RS Post Mount
Parabox 2012
Slate X2
Spyre, Spyre C, Spyre SLC

Another version option Premiun E+ Version