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Q1. How to replace your brake pads?

Step 1

First, loosen caliper mounting bolts with tool.

Step 2

Loosen pin on top of caliper.

Step 3

Remove existing brake pads from caliper.

Step 4

Use tool to retract pistons back to its horizontal position.

Step 5

Prepare new pair of TOP BRAKE disc brake pads.

Step 6

Assembled TOP BRAKE brake pads with spring. Insert them into the caliper.

Step 7

Tighten the mounting bolts, then later the pin.

Step 8

When brake pad installation is completed, check if rotor is aligned at center.

Q2. How to choose the suitable brake compound ? What’s the difference between TOP BRAKE PERFORMANCE vs PREMIUM E+ brake pads?

For road ride or mountain ride, we recommend TOP BRAKE PERFORMANCE brake pads for. low noise, balance stopping and better heat resistance. Excellent initial bite from cold.

For competitive or frequent extreme downhill riding, we would recommend PREMIUM E+ brake pads, which will bite your brake rotor harder, resist fade effect in high temperature and longer life span when use hard.

Q3. When should I change my brake pad?

When the brake pad thickness is 0.5mm or less on your road or mountain bike, it’s time to swap it out for a new one to ensure safe braking performance.

Q4. How do I choose the right bike brake pads of mine?

Check the brand and model name of your caliper, or take your original old brake pad out to see what the shape is.

Please confirm your original pad has the same design (outlook) as item picture shown on product page.

Q5. Why does the disc brake pad seems too thick to install?

When the brakes use too long, Do make sure your piston is fully retracted before you install our new brake pad.